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See our link and featured spot on www.ottawatopten.com . Cars and Trucks on Demand is one of the top ten locations to find used cars and trucks across Canada.  We rose to the top with you, the internet browser who wants to research before you buy. Years ago, car dealerships took advantage of keeping you in the dark about competitive offers.  Now we and other great car sites are at your finger tips.

CarsandTruckson Demand.com Independent and proud.

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Time to put the Sports Car to sleep

Winter is coming. If you own a sports car, it is either time for great snow tires or time to put the baby to sleep.

I personally have a truck for winter, so I store my car. It saves it from the extreme cold, the salt and other juck they put on the roads to fight the icy conditions. I have accepted the fact that I live in Canada and it snows here, I have accepted the fact that my favorite car is only driveable 9 months out of a year, sometimes only 8.

So don’t get caught in the cold, plan now…..winter is coming.

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What would your dream car look like?

Cars and Trucks on Demand Dream Car Used and NewWhat would your dream car look like? Is is an SUV? A big truck or a Sports Car? What color is your favorite color? Is it a new car or an used car? Would be something you leased that you could bring back, or do you own it forever? Mine would be a transformer car that could change everyday. I do love black sports cars but what is your dream car?

The Ottawa area has over 180 car dealerships selling both used and new cars, some offer lease packages and have everything from a sedan, a SUV, trucks, compact and perhaps your dream car. Remember the best time to buy is at the end of the month. Flex your bargaining power and see how much you can save. My favorite advise is: be willing to walk away, at least pretend you can. :)

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Motorcycle or car? The Can Am Spyder

Cars And Trucks On Demand Can Am Spyder

The three-wheeled motorcycle is fun. I have always thought they should make a motorcycle for a small adult and this is it. Yes, you dont have to be small but if you are, you will love the instant confidence and safeness you feel behind the driving wheel of a Can Am Spyder Roadster.

I have driven alone and with a passenger and it handles the road surprisingly well. I was driving a 990 cc Spyder and enjoyed the open driving feeling like when I ride a motorcycle. I still love a normal motorcycle like a Kawasaki 600 but when I am with a new driver or someone small, they can drive the Spyder while I drive beside them on a Sports bike.

Can Am Spyder - Car or Bike

For me, riding is supposed to be for fun. If you are not relaxed cause your bike is too big for you, then thing of getting a Can Am Spyder.

Summer can be short so enjoy it.

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Ford F150 Lariat with EcoBoost

F150 Ford Ecoboost Lariat Truck 2012 ReviewThe 2012 Ford F150 EcoBoost twin engine, black Tuxedo exterior and black interior is my new ride. I have research full size trucks and i love the comfort and ride. The better gas milage on the EcoBoost model just makes sense. The interior is luxurious and comfortable and comes with Voice Activated Sync, Sony Navigation, Chrome package Rear view camera, moonroof and of course, leather seats.
2012 Ford Ecoboost Interior F150 Black
Depending on when you purchase, there may be incentives from the manufacturerm but you need to accept that it is a $50,000 truck. Prices may vary but it is a huge commitment.
I made the decision and for the next 4 years (48 months), and me and my new toy.
Ford F150 Ecoboost Gas Economy

Options for Ford Lariat F150 Ecoboost 2012

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