I was lucky enough to test drive a Lincoln Hybrid MKZ. To begin, it is a very quiet car, so quiet, a green car appears on the dash display to indicate it is ready to drive. The Lincoln stands up to its reputation with luxury exterior and interior. The dash is user friendly and the gas milage amazing. It would be an interesting calculation how much gas money one might save over a three or four year period.

The dual LCD SmartGauge with EcoGuide is an innovative user-friendly gauge cluster that gives the vehicle a friendly and inviting atmospehre. The display on the right grow leaves as your short-term driving efficiency increases. As your long-term driving becomes more efficient, more vines, leaves and even flowers are displayed. A perfect fit for an environemnetal friendly car. It helps a driver feel good about their driving style.

The test drives I take last a week, it gives me a chance to enjoy the vehicle on the highway, or within the city limits. I travel alone and also with company asking them their thoughts of this new sedan. I watch how other people look at it. A friend of mine who works with exotic cars wanted to drive it, to see how it handled. He loved it too.

I had the car for a week and rate it a nine out of ten. For passengers in the back there is an arm rest but not very much headroom for anybody six feet in statute. Other than that, the nav system, backup camera, sleek exterior and terrific gas milage give this Four door sedan almost a perfect score. (9/10)

I love the Voice-activated Navigation System with in-dash screen and single – DVD/CD/MP3 player, DVD-audio and DVD-video capability, internal hard disk drive for map, HD Radio, and of course my favorite, the 10 GB music jukebox! For satelite lovers, it comes with a six month subcription for the integrated SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link. Also for safety, it is equiped with the Blind Spot Information System with cross traffic alert. It is a perfect car for yourself or gift for your son or daughter, both safe, luxurious and environmently friendly.

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