Skyline Cars – Why Women Love Them

Women love fun, and Nissan Skyline cars are just that. As one woman said to me, its like a car you can dress up. With a little TLC you can make plain Jane into Miss Headturner. Yes since 1957 Nissan has been building skyline cars. Some refer to them as Tuner Cars especially with features such as the straight-6 engines, turbochargers and high-performance GT-R trim (original versions).

Their popularity may be from their presence on mainstream video games and movies. As the Skyline Cars modernized, they quickly became a favorite sports car and were being sold as Infiniti (G35).

The GT-R returned with twin ceramic turbochargers, all-wheel steering, electronically controlled all wheel drive, and 276 hp (206 kW) at 6800 rpm. The RB26DETT engine actually produced ~320 hp, but it was unstated due to the Japanese car makers’ “gentlemen’s agreement” not to exceed 206 kW (276 hp). The engine was designed for ~500 hp in racing trim, and then muzzled by the exhaust, boost restriction, and ECU. The electronic boost control had a small physical restriction in the control lines. It was marked in yellow so the new owner could remove it and enjoy a safe factory boost increase. After this increase the car would put out ~230 kW and could do 0–100 km/h in 4.7seconds and quarter mile in 12.8 seconds.

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