BWM i8

Sports Cars that deserve your curiosity in the electric car market include the BMW i8. First introduced as a BMW Concept car has evolved over the years into one of the world’s most wanted Electric Hybrids Sports Cars.

The price is still over most of our budgets at $180,000 plus but the design and advancements are magnetic to people like me that love to go window shopping.

For people looking for something more affordable, below is a list of top electric cars for 2015.

The Top Ten Electric Cars

1. Tesla Model S
2. Honda Fit EV
3. Toyata Rav4 EV
4. Nissan Leaf
5. Ford Focus Electric
6. Mitsubishi i-MiEV
7. Chevrolet Spark EV
8. BMW i3
9. Kia Soul EV
10 Fiat 500e

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From Wallpapers to Car Shows – Cars Beauty

Cars are full of beauty, of inspiration, of art and of light and sound. Have you turned your head as a sports car accelerates by? Have you taken pictures standing beside your favorite car? Do you read online your favorite car magazines with the newest cars and future concept cars?

Cars are a passion and many people have the passion fever. They want to see more, to know more, to test drive them. When a person purchases or leases a car, it can reflect part of their personality. Ask yourself, whats your favorite and why? What does your personality say?

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Gotham City Batmobile in Ottawa. Classic & Custom Car Show April 27-28

Ottawa Classic & Custom Car Show located in the Ernst & Young Centre near the Ottawa airport, previously called the CE Centre. Now kids and adults have grown fond of Batman as a super hero, and like all super heroes, they have their toys. I would like to believe that the Batmobile is one of the hottest toys yet. See you this weekend at the Car Show. (April 27-28 Sat 9-9 Sun 10-5).

Some of the fans donated to charity and posed with Batman himself. Yes, me too!

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Mustang Season is here

Mustangs and spring, its time for the VRoom Vroom in our lives to be awaken from their winter sleep. I love spring and taking my Mustang for a drive. There is a difference in the sound, the handling, the energy. When a great song comes on the radio, I know it is for me to share, so top down, I fly through the streets.

Welcome to spring from

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2013 Cars

When Googling 2013 Cars, there are 1.6 bilion search results. So where do you look when you are searching for a new car or truck? Many of us write car reviews or blogs to help. It is nice to read a voice that is not influenced by corporate pressures. I look forward to helping you understand what is new and available. It is hard to keep up with all the advancements from Entertainment systems, GPS and gas milage improvement options from hybrids to ecoboost style engines.

Stay tune for a great year and get ready to start your engines :)

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